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About W&WD

Hi I’m JJ Nortje, creator of Wild & Wayward Designs, I create accessories and garments, ranging from casual to the epic, for the fashion lover who appreciates the simple as well as complex detailing, that cares about how things are made, but ultimately knows how to find strength in their individuality.
Whether casual or extravagant each piece is crafted with a hands on approach – by me, right here in my Australian studio - in small, sustainable quantities to ensure that Wild & Wayward’s styles retain their uniqueness.
The sale of my accessories will fund my sustainable, ethical, inclusive and adaptive clothing line. I believe fashion is for All and have faith that it can be a powerful platform for change both socially and environmentally. Even on a global level.
Every time we buy something we are voting for the world we want to live in. The world we want for our children and their children.
When you buy quality over quantity you are saying that you value and support those that made it. Buying locally and supporting small businesses you will shape your own community, for the better.
Don’t just make a fashion statement. Make a conscious statement for global change.