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Eco Dyed Scarf

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Eco Dyed Scarf
Eco Dyed Scarf
Eco Dyed Scarf

Purple and yellow Eco Dyed Scarf. 100% Silk. 

Dyed by hand twice. Using the Shibori technique Arashi. Twisting and wrapping the scarf around a stick then tying it in place before placing in the dye, giving it a “storm effect”. I did this first with pomegranate peel and then again with a cabbage dye (yes cabbage!)

Beautiful and unique, perfect for those cool evenings.

Approximately 28cm x 150cm

*note. Natural dyes are prone to fading so to ensure they last please take care to wash in cold water with very mild soap - only when necessary - and avoid leaving it in any sunlight for long.

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